Cycads have been known as symbols of immortality in many cultures where they are endemic. There very long life spans range from hundreds to thousands of years in habitat. They are one of the longest living plants in the natural world. In fact cycads are the oldest living seed bearing plants in the world. Dating back over 230 million years virtually unchanged for some 90 million years. Thus the name “Living Fossils” has been used to describe these ancient relicts of a bygone era, when dinosaurs were the main seed distributors. Cycads were the dominant plant in the Triassic period in the earth’s early history.

As flowering plants got there hold on the planet and dinosaurs became extinct cycads retreated to a few isolated areas around the tropical and sub-tropical world where they just survived in little niches. It was not until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that cycads became noticed and a few rich plant fanciers began searching the globe for these ancient relicts. The oldest living potted plant in the world is in Kew gardens in London. Collected in the late 1700’s from South Africa, it is a cycad called Encephalartos altenstienii. Many of the oldest bonsai’s in Japan are the Japanese Cycas revoluta, so the tenacity for life is unquestioned when it comes to cycads.

Most of the cycad species in the world are so rare that they are considered endangered so collecting from the wild is illegal. Propigation in nurseries such as mine has saved many of these from exstinction since I have been able to help with a resource of material that has helped lower prices and made illegal poaching not worth the effort it once was. I am proud of my role in saving these plants. I have been part of many expeditions to exotic localities and plan on sharing with you my adventures discovering new species and helping countries find ways to protect there endemic cycads from poaching and habitat destruction.

There are few plants in this world that can come close to the beauty of a fully established cycad. These plants will effect you in such a positive way that many of my clients comment on the relaxation they feel from being around these plants and watching them grow. There are many that take there cycads with them if they move because of the affection they have for these wonderful pieces of art. Cycads can be an investment but appreciate with time. Our cycads have a range of prices from as low as $5 for seedlings to $1000’s for the large rare beauties I have nurtured for so long. So no matter who you are or what your budget we have a cycad that will make you proud to own and a conversation piece that will last for generations.

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